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Bookerville offers interactive availability and reservation calendars for vacation properties, condos, inns, bed & breakfasts, beach houses, ski chalets, A-frames, or any other facility that can be rented nightly, weekly, monthly, or longer. If you are looking for landlord software, Bookerville can help you manage and rent your property, and at very competitive pricing. Most landlord software costs hundreds of dollars per year, and is nowhere near as flexible and feature-rich as Bookerville's $49.99 per year Basic, or 74.99 per year Professional accounts.

No other landlord software offers so much, so easily, and for so little. Entering your nightly rates is a breeze with our graphical interface that lets you simply click days on the calendar to highlight ranges or seasons. Once you've selected a range of dates, just type in the rate and click save, and it's done. You can even optionally specify a different rate for weekends. There's also an annual copy-rates-forward tool. Our property owners love Bookerville's rate-setting page, because it's so easy and so flexible! You need landlord software that can be custom-tailored for the way you run your business. And Bookerville's landlord software is all online, internet-based, with nothing to install.

Bookerville's Landlord Software Lets You:

Set your own check-in & check-out times.
Optionally enforce whole-week bookings (Sat. to Sat. or Sun. to Sun.)
Personalize the wording of the email notifications sent to guests.
Choose to require a booking fee from guests - amount can be a flat fee or a percent of the total due.
Integrates directly with your own PayPal account.
Automatically calculate your local taxes per booking.
Offer a discount for multi-day bookings - you choose the amount, and the minimum number of days required to get it.
Offer special, custom, value-added upgrades that are presented to customers during the booking process.

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Landlord Software

Whether you are running a beach house, a mountain cottage, an historic B&B, or any other rental property, Bookerville's landlord software can help you get a real-time availability calendar and reservation request system built into your website quickly, easily, and for as little as $49.99 per year. That's less than $4.20 per month!

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Landlord Software

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Top Ten Reasons to Join Bookerville Now...

Bookerville provides an online web-based vacation rental software solution available 24/7.
Bookerville does not collect big upfront fees to get started or commissions on bookings.
Landlords have complete control over booking fees, rental amounts, when guests pay and how much.
Landlords can be competitive and offer convenience with online booking capabilities that travelers love and expect.
Bookerville has tons of customizable features that allows landlords complete control over how you offer rental home.
Allows guests to see your availability immediately and book your vacation home with only a few clicks.
Bookerville letÂ’s you offer real time availability and instant confirmation bookings linked directlly from your website.
Bookerville offers a free 30 day trial to see if you like it!


The most-flexible and easiest-to-use rate-setting tool in the business.
Bookerville is dedicated to providing quality, easy-to-use, convenient software for the vacation rental owner!


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