Posted: Aug 4, 2021

We had a great time at Chalet on the Lake this year - been going about 40 years. It's nice to see improvements around the grounds. #65 was comfortable, clean and had all the kitchen stuff we needed. A pair of scissors would have been nice and the full sized bed in one of the rooms is probably should soon be replaced. The new pond fence is great and am excited for the additional pool. Nice security people and appreciated the later check out this year.


Posted: Aug 13, 2020

My family and I have been renting at Chalet for 24 years. It is my favorite place on earth. Although the beaches are lacking I will always enjoy my time there. This was my first year renting Chalet 65 and I will absolutely be rebooking for next year. Also, the new security staff was so nice and always had smiles on their faces. My family is big, but very lowkey when we are in chalet and the old security always gave us problems so it was nice to see the change there. The check-in/check-out process was so easy and fast. It was awesome having that extra hour in the morning to sleep in a bit, then get packed up. I'm excited to see the new pool whenever that ends up happening. Even if that isn't for a few years, we always enjoy both pools as they are now. As I said before, we've been coming to Chalet since I was 5, and I am 29 now, and I plan on bringing my own kids up there some day. Thank you for an excellent vacation spot. Stay safe and we'll see you next year.