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Bookerville Supports iCalendar (iCal) Format

Easily synchronize, export, publish, or share your Bookerville availability calendar with anything that accepts the popular iCal format.


Vacation Rental Manager "I can't tell you how grateful I am to have found your booking platform! My business has doubled in the past year, and I know that Bookerville is a big part of that! AND you have, once again, outdone yourself with the new auto-reply email format that I was surprised with this morning! This is HUGE! Mahalo nui loa from the bottom of my heart!!"

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Some recent guest reviews:


Posted: Feb 19, 2017

We spent Valentine's Day which is also my birthday. The cabin was beautiful and we had the most relaxing quiet time that we both needed. Hiking to the waterfall was amazing, even though I'm handicapped with the brace on my leg and using one crutch we made it up the rocky path and snow and enjoyed some time up there with nobody around. Can't wait to come back up again, hopefully get snowed in this time ha ha ????. Oh yeah, the kitchen was amazing and I cooked my lovely woman a delicious salmon dinner the first night and steak the second.
Villa Mimosa

Posted: Feb 19, 2017

My party and I had a great time staying at Villa Mimosa. It had everything we needed, and we were so close to the Wal-Mart that we could easily grab groceries and toiletries. Stephen was very attentive to e-mails and had an answer to every question!
Wonderful stay at Wyndham

Posted: Feb 19, 2017

We had three beautiful weeks in Daytona If I hadn't suffered a broken right arm we would have stayed nine more days. Look forward to returning next year.