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Condominium Front Desk Software Condominium Front Desk Software
Apr, 5, 2018, by member John Amato

Condominium Front Desk Software

Looking for front-desk automation for your condominium? Bookerville provides everything you expect in modern, cloud-based software:

- Master Calendar: beautiful, color-coded, easy-to-read, easy-to-use.
- Search: Find bookings by guest name, email address, phone number, more.
- Check-in/Check-out: mark guests as checked-in/out, notify housekeeping.

Condominium Front Desk Automation

Take advantage of Bookerville's Email Templates, Automatic Scheduled and Triggered Emails to communicate with your guests professionally, easily, and most importantly: automatically!

You can also optionally participate in Bookerville's Channel Manager features for rich integration with all the major listing sites, including calendar sync, booking amounts, guest info., and of course rate sync as well.

Condominium Owner Dashboards

Set up as many additional users as you need to provide dashboards for your owners, property managers, housekeepers, maintenance personnel, etc. They can view, report, add bookings from any phone, tablet, laptop, etc.


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