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Topic: Credit Card Merchants for Vacation Rentals: Why We Recommend PayPros
Cindy Amato
Joined: Jan 31, 2009
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Posted by Cindy Amato on Jul 1, 2014 03:28 PM:    

Credit card merchants for vacation rentalsAre Your Credit Card Rates as Good as They Could Be?

I’m sure you’ve got great credit card rates for your vacation rental(s), right? And your merchant account was properly setup by a vacation rental industry expert, right? And your merchant account provides you with great customer service, right?

Did you Answer No to Any of Those Questions?

If so, have you checked out PayPros? It won't be a hassle, it won't take too long, and it won't be too complicated. And you could save yourself some serious bucks.

So, do yourself a quick favor: Contact Sharon Popovich, our recommended vacation rental industry expert over at PayPros. She will compare your current rates to what she’d be able to get for you in no time at all. If it’s not any better, you’ve lost nothing. But if it is better, Cha Ching!! You could be saving lots of dough, my friend!

Click here to learn more about the benefits of PayPros and how to contact Sharon Popovich: PayPros and Bookerville: Get Started Today.

“In the years of dealing with merchant service providers, I have never felt that the service provider was looking out for my interests. Sharon delivered on what she promised and I appreciate that I can trust that I am getting the best possible rates and service.”

Chuck Menzel
Sandseeker Property Management



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