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Does anyone know if you have a paid booking and they want to add days to their booking is it better to edit the paid booking in Bookerville or just create a new booking for the days they are adding and process that booking separately? The first booking is paid in full...Thank you in advance!

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jmw11, June 13, 2013:

John, do you know the answer to this?
John Amato, June 18, 2013:

Simply adding a few extra days to the beginning of the booking, or to the end of the booking is probably best done with the Edit buttons next to the Arrival and Departure dates on the Booking Details page (upper-right area).

If you want to change the dollar amounts for the booking, you'll have to modify the rent figure manually, or click the "Recalculate Booking Amounts" button so that it can update the rent figure based on the new date(s) of the booking. If the booking is already paid for - in whole or in part - then you will want to re-generate the Payment Schedule after changing any of the amounts (it prompts you for this: don't ignore it... !)

If you change the check-in date, then you will probably want to re-generate the scheduled emails for the booking (see the "Generate New Email Schedule" button in the Email Correspondence box, lower-right area) because often scheduled emails are based on the check-in date

Does this help?
jmw11, June 24, 2013:

Yes, thank you! I did it the incorrect way since I didn't have an answer at that time but now I know for the next time. Thank you!

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