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I plan to use Bookerville's online booking features and only accept credit cards via a merchant account. The booking demo and the video don't show what the guest would see in an online booking scenario. How can I get a look at the that flow?

BTW thanks for nudging me toward PayPros. Sharon was great and I think that is the way I will go.


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John Amato, August 27, 2013:

Hi Ron - yes, you can use this property's public availability & booking calendar:

You can proceed all the way through, and it will eventually give you a blue payment button. Clicking that will direct you to the secure payment form. You can customize your payment form, so you will see Bookerville's customizations, but you can change those on yours.

Just don't pay the required pre-payment. After 20 minutes, the booking will automatically expire, and you will get an email notice. This removes the booking from your calendar so that the dates are not blocked. The guest gets an email when this happens, and so do you so you can contact them and try to recover the sale. All the information is retained (as a "Booking Request"); it's just not on your calendar anymore. Guests can pay even after the booking expires, and if they do, and the dates are still available, it will put the booking back on the calendar and send the confirmation emails. This keeps "cherry-pickers" from locking up your availability without paying, but also gives guests time to get their wallets out and pay. (It's a very similar process to sports stadiums.)

Also note that you can do Manager-Centric booking if you don't want guests making actual bookings like this. There is also a read-only version of the calendar, as well as a Public Master Calendar, Multi-Property Availability Search, Rate Tables, and more. See this page for a tour of the Embeddable Widgets.


Ron, August 27, 2013:


Thanks that was exactly what I was looking for .

But I have more questions.

Can I use a merchant account for credit cards and also offer PayPal for PayPal members?

Since the transactions are executed via Bookerville's secure connection and the data is stored on your server, I assume you have PCI compliance under control?

John Amato, August 27, 2013:

Hi Ron, glad that showed you what you wanted to see. We are also going to be making some enhancements to the final payment process in the coming weeks, so it should be even better.

Yes, you can offer both PayPal and your merchant account as options for the guest at the same time - just make sure you enter the information in your Property Setup page (lower-right area) and also that both check-boxes are checked. Then of course click the Save button.

You can even get a little pickier and only accept certain methods for refundable security deposits. This can be nice because PayPal will let you refund a transaction within 60 days for free. For this reason, many of our members purposely wait until ~30 days before check-in to collect the security deposit, and only accept PayPal for it.

As for PCI/DSS compliance - yes, we have that part under control, although no sensitive data is kept on Bookerville's servers anyway - this is all handled by PayPal and/or your merchant account. But your credentials for these accounts, while stored in Bookerville, are stored with advanced encryption (DES-3), so no worries there either.

Thank you for your questions and for asking them here in our Forums - because many others likely have the same questions, and are getting their answers just by reading this. So keep 'em coming!



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