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How to Create Links and Edit Text for Forums

Hi. Forums typically use "UBB" code to create links, and to edit text (making text bold and italics.) I found this to be easily forgettable, and so I've created a little cheat sheet on how to do this.

Create a Link:

To make a url link in your forum post, use the [url] tag before the url link and the [/url] tag at the end of it. It turns the url link that you have in between the tags into a clickable link.

URL tag: [url]
Closing URL tag: [/url]

Here's what you would use to make a link to Bookerville's home page as an example:


Putting this in the text of your post would result in a clickable link to the Bookerville home page, like this:


To make text Bold, put a "Bold" tag before the text that you want bolded, and put a "Closing Bold" tag at the end.

Bold tag: [b]
Closing Bold tag: [/b]


To make text Italics, put an "Italics" tag before the word, and put a "Closing Italics" tag at the end.

Italics tag: [i]
Closing Italics tag: [/i]

Thoroughly confused? Let me know: Comment here or email me:


3 Responses:

Sandra Berube, August 30, 2011:

Hi Cindy, yes I'm confused but you know so much more about programming than myself.
I copied and pasted what I think is photo url, click insert, bookerville popped it to this post. Is that what I want?
Cindy Amato, August 30, 2011:

Hi Theresa,
My programming department said it will be fixed and so much easier soon! I can only hope
John Amato, August 30, 2011:

Theresa - you did it right, but you just need the whole url to the photo. The whole url will look something like

Is the image named thumb3_34973-18_magnolia_front1.jpg on your computer? If so, it needs to be on the web somewhere in order to show it in a post on the forums. You can upload the image in your Account Photos tab, and that will show you the whole url you need.

Let us know if we can help, Ok?

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