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The occupancy report generator is a nice feature but it would be better if you could filter out days marked "owner occupied" from the count so you could get this stat with just paying-guest days occupied.

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John Amato, January 18, 2014:

Good idea. Which status(es) should not be included?


Or should this be selectable?

Michael Wiack, January 18, 2014:

Maybe just a check box next to the question: "Omit days marked as owner-occupied, maintenance, and owner reserved"?
John Amato, January 18, 2014:

We'll start off just filtering them, and see what people think. It makes a lot of sense.

If people find they want it configurable, we'll do that.

Thanks - look for this in the next few days.
Michael Wiack, February 27, 2014:

I checked out this new feature and I don't get it. Are we supposed to click on the statuses we want excluded? How this added feature works is not intuitive (to me) and there are no instructions as to what we're supposed to do with the box. I tried using it by randomly clicking on one or more statuses and running the report but I'm not sure exactly what results I was getting. It would also be nice if the report results listed the statuses that were excluded from the report.
John Amato, February 27, 2014:

Hi Michael, yes per the label, select the booking statuses you want to exclude from the report:

Note that it is a "multiple" select list, so you can hold the Control key down while clicking to select/deselect items in the list.

If the resulting report is not producing proper results, please let us know...


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