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Hi John, Cindy
In "Guest Details" is it possible to enter 2 different emails and seperate them with a comma ie, by doing this will Bookerville send to both emails? Also recognise both emails for future bookings?

There are two reasons why I ask,

1) Booking initially made on one email address (Say works) then change to a personal address - in this scenario if they book a 2nd time with the work email address the system wont recognize it, for future discounts.
2) More tham one party involved with the booking and need/want to be copied in

Merry Xmas

1 Responses:

John Amato, March 12, 2015:

We are working on a re-design of the public booking process, and as part of that we plan to provide the ability to specify multiple guests.

It's coming...

In the meantime, no - adding multiple email addresses to the email address field will not work. In fact, it will likely cause the email to not get delivered at all.

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