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Hi I just noticed on my dashboard a yellow warning triangle on confirmation code 2267-176349-20150123. I was wandering what it was reference to?

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John Amato, January 12, 2015:

It is a trial feature to alert you when there is a booking that has a different check-in time than the default property setting. What are your thoughts?
Alana Anderson, January 12, 2015:

Hi John, thank you for the check in time alert. It currently is only showing in my Master Calendar, and is not showing on the other user's calenders
abracasa, January 12, 2015:

Excellent. We all have default check-in times and this certainly highlights a different check-in time, just what we needed. Going forward is it possible to show this on the AT A GLANCE TAB ARRIVAL TIMES. During busy times with up to 50 arrivals in a said week, in our scenario last October & Christmas New Year periods, we try to plan with the ARRIVALS TAB. This currently shows names and default Check-in times, we then have to check individually to see what time people are arriving, could the default time not show the ADMIN check-in time when it differs? Yes we can now go to the MASTER CALANDER but would still need to click on the individual bookings to check this info. Or maybe simpler instead of the warning sign show the real time of arrival. In any case we appreciate this step forward.
Thank You
John Amato, January 14, 2015:

abracasa that's another good idea. I think we can put together something like that. It will take time though, so please do be patient. That At-A-Glance tab is also going to need to be configurable, where individual accounts can turn on/off certain boxes, to remove the ones that they are not using or don't care as much about. I think that page is getting "heavy", taking too long to load, etc.

Alana - yes, once we get the graphical part of this to stabilize, we plan to enhance it to show the check-in time in the hover-over pop-up, and also do the same thing for check-out times as well.

As always, thank you all for your important feedback.

John Amato, January 14, 2015:

Oh Alana - yes we do plan to extend the feature for the section that shows properties for which the user has permissions. It's coming...
Pam Martin, January 14, 2015:

Thanks John, you da best!
filipaleitao, January 14, 2015:

I like this
Sabeli Villas.c.b. - E30811939, February 6, 2015:

Abracase - Just as a point of interest, I edit the actual booking Arrival & Departure time to indicate the guests flight arrival time and the departure time from the property. Rather than leaving the default check-in, check-out time. That way I can use the At-a-glace as a schedule for each day. As you say during the height of the season it can get hectic. And this way I know where I am supposed to be throughout the day. Apologies if I am teaching you to suck eggs or have got your comments completely wrong, but I thought this might help. Altering these dates after the booking has been confirmed does not change your terms & conditions, just allows you to monitor more accurately guests movements. And in my chase enable me to schedule the likes of Airport Transfers, ie departure time is 2 hours before their flight, dependant on the airport of course. After all You know what time guests are allowed to check-in & out, so it doesn't really need to be indicated on the booking form. In fact if I see the check-in, check-out times, I know I haven't been advised of the actual flight details. Which in the case of the Dshboard Alert is working the opposite way for me. If this makes sense.

abracasa, February 6, 2015:

Hi Sabeli, Thats what I am trying to achieve we in fact we send out generated emails requesting arrival times, airport, rail, own car etc,
By default they are all set at 14:00 check-in time and 11:00 check-out time. We then add the relevant times etc after the clients have emailed the response. I wish to use the At A Glance, so I can see immediately what time somebody is due to arrive. My problem is that the AT A Glance does not show the updated arrival times, it just shows the default times which is very little help.
Off subject I have seen before you use Holiday Lettings UK (I believe) have you noticed it is not syncing again also Flipkey (same platform nowdays) if you do just be aware. They are on the case and I am expecting an answer tonight/Tomorrow!

PS I am always sucking eggs
Sabeli Villas.c.b. - E30811939, February 6, 2015:

Abracasa, Thanks for the update on HL. Yes had noticed that they are not always syncing. Also the "Last Update" is in correct. It should be today's day or at least 1 day behind, but some of mine still stay Nov 14. I'll get onto them if I don't see any changes. Thanks

Re; At A Glance. Once you have the new arrivals times from guests, in addition to logging under the Administration, correct times, you can go in and amend the default times at the top of the individual booking, on the right next to Arrival/Departure Date. Hover over the pencil and click. You can also use the 24 hr clock here where you can't under Administration section, this only allows 12 hr clock. I find 24 hr easier. This will then be reflected under the At A Glance, separate Arrival & Departure sections. Anyway have a go and let me know how you get on. Sabeli

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