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Pardon me if I missed this somehow. Is there a way to search forum topics and answers. I was trying to find out how the various status settings work (ie. Which are automated and which are manual as well as best practices.) I can't seem to find a way to search.

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John Amato, April 1, 2015:

Gbelton - you've pointed out two things we should create:

1) A forum search function. We'll put that in the development queue. In the meantime, the best way to find something is to Google search like this: "Bookerville booking statuses"

2) That said, we don't have a page or topic yet on the booking statuses. So let me try to give you a quick summary here:

There is nothing magical about the booking status field. Bookerville never changes the status of a booking; you must change these manually. We tried automating this once, but too many different managers want it to work different ways, and making all of that behavior configurable made our heads spin.

Bookerville will turn the color green (Master Calendar and Booking Details pages only) for bookings at either Unconfirmed or Confirmed status, if they are paid in full (booking balance is 0.00). This is not a status change: the status remains whatever it was before. Bookerville simply colors it green instead to show you that it's balance due is zero.

You can set it up so that bookings at "Maintenance" or "Owner-Occupied" have their booking amounts zero'd out. Let me know if you want to explore that.

(Does this help?)

Gbelton, April 1, 2015:

Yes it does and thanks. I'll leave the maintenance and owner occupied stuff alone for now. I'm not there often.

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