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On Booking # 984-910684-20150827....
I just had a situation where I edited the default payment amounts. I entered an amount in the daily rate field and clicked "Use this Nightly Rate". But it did not change/recalculate the Tax portion, which also gave me an incorrect Total. I tried redoing it by simply manually entering the number in the RENT filed, without going through the "Use this Nightly Rate" path. Same thing happened. I've never had this happen before, and I fixed it by manually editing my tax amounts by hand - but I thought I would alert on this issue.

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RentJekyll, August 21, 2015:

ok.... 2nd instance confirms the problem..... Booking # 984-910698-20150905

Manually changing the RENT field (regardless of whether it is directly, or by "use this nightly rate") results in the Tax fields not correctly being adjusted. Not being adjusted at all actually. When I manually calculate and adjust each of my Tax fields - it DOES change the total. So the disconnect seems to be exclusively in an automatic update function in the rent >>tax feature.
John Amato, August 21, 2015:

Thank you for the heads-up, we are indeed working on revamping the tax functions across the board, due in no small part to the issues you raised in another topic. You'll soon have the ability to enter as many tax lines as you need, and they will be able to be percent, flat-amount, flat-amount per night, or flat amount per guest.

We are even going to make an attempt at the ability to "expire" a tax, so that Bookerville can be smart enough to only use it for bookings that fall in the dates the tax is valid for.

Speaking of that: did you find out when that tax is changing? What date does it go into effect, and is that date relevant to booking date, check-in date, check-out date, or what is the criteria for applying the old vs. new tax to bookings?


RentJekyll, August 21, 2015:

I can't remember exactly what I posted in my earlier thread about taxes - but if it is what I think it was - then Georgia already added a PER NIGHT tax of $5. They didn't even tell anyone, wasn't in the papers etc. It simply became effective on July 1 and our local authority called me on it when takes were due.

However I have since then questioned and fought it, and I believe now that it will NOT impact my rentals, so to me personally it is no longer an issue (I think - there is still legal cross opinion on how they are defining the "Hotel" part of the tax - but my legal counsel has determined that our rentals are NOT included int he definition).

However, for others in georgia it may very well be an issue, AND I am guessing that as politicians try and find new ways to support their spending with these line item tax increases - others also will see DAILY Taxes put on rentals, which if I remember correctly was the reason for my suggestion for a tax revamp. But again, this change is NOT necessary to ME personally anymore.

But to get to the meat of what I think concerns you as a programmer - that tax would apply to the Number Of Days exclusively. So, for example, we are currently a 6% State Tax. 5% Local Tax. Then we have a 3% Island "FEE" that the State of Georgia levies on us, but that we are now being told that we have to simply take out of the total, and can't line item or call a tax (yeah, it is a retarded situation only a gov't could come up with) and THEN FINALLY there is a new $5 Day tax. Honestly it is a CLuster F#<K. But I think the long and short of my original suggestion was to add a tax/fee option that was doable Per Day - which is still applicable to some Georgia Rentals, just not mine anymore - unless they want to take me to court and push it
John Amato, August 21, 2015:

Ok - thanks for the clarification. I think I get it, and I think our upcoming new setup would handle it, but let me post again to be sure:

Each tax line item will be configurable as:

1) A simple percent of the net rent (this is what they've always been in Bookerville).

2) A simple flat fee, i.e. just a flat amount of $5, not per night and not per guest.

3) A flat fee per night.

4) A flat fee per guest.

It seems to me these options would handle what you're describing, is that correct?

And yes I agree: especially forcing you to call the new tax something other than a tax, is quite some cowardly BS...

RentJekyll, August 21, 2015:

I think that pretty much covers all potential scenarios I can think of. Way things are going you might want to make them an unlimited number of potential line items.

And yes - they are increasingly resorting to hiding taxes under new "terminology" - still have to pay, but it isn't a "tax". Yeah, BS.
John Amato, August 21, 2015:

Yes - with the new version of Bookerville's tax setup, you'll be able to enter an unlimited number of tax line items.

(But is this really a victory? )
abracasa, August 22, 2015:

Hi just to add we advertise through many portals and alas have a different net earnings percentage per marketing channel. It ranges from 10% to 24%. This alters what tax rate we have to charge. Is there a way in the future that we can handle different marketing channels, with their different Tax Rates? Or will be able to use the many different Tax Lines to configure something. At the moment Bookervilles Tax rates are fine if we do all our bookings through Bookerville. But if we take a booking through a different Marketing Website we have to manually try and zero it.
pilaria, March 3, 2016:

is there a way to add a daily resort fee ? I don't want to add it into the daily rate so our rates look higher than competitors.
John Amato, March 3, 2016:

pilaria - (re-posting here so that others who may have the same question can see):

Yes - simply make that a "mandatory" guest option in the Property Setup page, and you can even label it to clearly show that it's not you charging it.

Let me know if you need help, Ok?


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