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Couple questions..

1) Is there a way to bulk upload property photos instead of having to select 1 at a time? Holding ctrl while selecting doesn't work.

2) Is there any way to attach a pdf to auto-emails? All of my welcome documents (which are different for each of my 7 homes) are in pdf format. I took a lot of time making them look nice on powerpoint and formatting them as pdfs so can I attach them to the arrival instructions email automatically somehow?

3) I see that you have integrated with ResortLock. I use eRentalLock (eRL-FE595) on all my homes. Any change of integrating with them any time soon?

Thank you!

5 Responses:

John Amato, February 25, 2016:

Hi Laura, let me answer by number:

1) No. This is a security issue. We scan everything that is uploaded (you'd be surprised/disappointed how many people out there will try to use a file/photo upload feature to get viruses/malware installed on a server...)

2) Yes. Although we don't recommend this. The better approach is to place a link in the email to the PDF file for the user to click. Attaching files to emails is inherently unreliable - so many servers/email systems will strip them off or mess them up. Let me know if you need help with this...

3) Can you put me in contact with your account rep at eRentalLock?

BryonPyle, February 25, 2016:


Thanks so much for your fast response!

1) That makes sense. Is there any way to re-order the photos without having to delete and then reupload all of them? I am getting set up with BookingPal and I know that some of the listing sites will only display a certain number of photos. I want to make sure I can easily move my most important photos to the top as soon as I find out a listing site is only displaying my first 10 photos, if possible.

2) A web link actually sounds like a much easier solution. How I would go about setting that up?

3) Here's the eRentalLock contact info I have:

Todd J. H.
Vancouver, BC, Canada

I emailed him to ask for a phone number and let him know you would be contacting him.

Thanks again!
John Amato, February 25, 2016:

Very good Laura, again let me answer by number:

1) Not at this time. It's a feature we hope to offer at some point, but right now there's no way to re-order the photos.

2) If you can, please send me the PDF files via email. Let me know which pdf file goes with which property. Preferably do this one per email to avoid size problems. I will upload them to Bookerville for you and then I will provide the URLs you need to get them into your Email Templates.

3) Ok. Ask them if they have an API to integrate with a property management system like Bookerville.
BryonPyle, March 11, 2016:


Just checking in to see if you received the email from eRentalLock containing their API & instructions for setup. If so, any idea on when this will be setup and ready to use? I'm just trying to figure out if I need to waste my time setting up an email template now or not. If it will be ready relatively soon I'll keep sending them manually for now.

I also have a few more questions:

1) Is guest info that is received though inquiry responders stored in bookerville anywhere? I want to be able to run a report (that I can save as an excel document) to see the contact info of anyone whose made an inquiry even if it was never turned into a booking request. Guest contact info has already been captured through the auto-responder feature, right?

2) When setting MIN/MAX stays it says "min/max # of DAYS" but the price is by night. How many days/nights are counted as the weekly/monthly rate? Is there a way to have the monthly rate counted as however many nights are actually in that month or does it have to be a set amount? (Having issues with monthly rate for February since its less than 30 nights).

3) Is there a way for me to edit my auto-responder template? I don't want to show unavailable properties unless it is the property they originally inquired about. Also is there any way to have the "sent from" email show up as my email address instead of the bookerville email address? We are just having issues with autoresponder emails being flagged as spam and never being seen by guests.

4) Lastly, on the payment received email template, if a security deposit payment is made the payment amount always shows up as $0.00, how can I fox this? Also, is there a way to automatically differentiate weather a payment was a rent payment or a security deposit payment?

Sorry for all the questions. Thanks so much for all your help John!
John Amato, March 11, 2016:

Hi Laura, it's going to take quite a while to get an integration implemented with a 3rd-party group. Those are some of the most lengthy processes we deal with, and so far I've still not heard anything from them, so I think you would not be wasting your time setting up the Email Templates or whatever is the interim solution.

1) Yes. Run the Dashboard >> Reports, Export Guest List. It should all be there.

2) Not sure how to answer this, but generally speaking, "days" and "nights" are interchangeable terms in the VR industry. 7 nights is considered a week, this is very standard. 28 days is considered a month by default in Bookerville, and this is fairly standard, but it can be overridden to any (reasonable) number of days you like. But no, Bookerville does not support rates that are for a "whole, contiguous calendar month". We find in the VR industry it is very rare for someone to book an exact whole calendar month.

3) We can make the auto-responder not show other properties - let me know and I'll take care of it for you.

4) Is this the "Payment Reminder" Email Template? If so, can you please point me to the booking where this put a 0.00? Sounds like a glitch...

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