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On Flipkey, AirBnb, and HomeAway we are able to respond to anyone who leaves a review. Can this feature be added for the reviews Bookerville receives on us?

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John Amato, July 12, 2016:

That feature already exists on the Bookerville reviews. Go to your Dashboard >> Reports, and run the Guest Reviews report. Click on any of them to edit, there is a place to respond, and also to block it from being displayed in your widgets or on the Bookerville Locale pages.

Let me know if you need help...
gmanobmo, July 12, 2016:

Cool! Thanks!
KathyandJim, November 28, 2016:

I have had several guests who have asked to write us a review but they cannot find the Bookerville request. My guess is that it went to their spam folder or they accidentally deleted it thinking it was spam. Are you planning to have a way for owners/managers to send a request for a review or to resend the request? It would be a great feature.
John Amato, November 28, 2016:

Hi Kathy - by all means, you can send your own. It's just that they must be sent from Bookerville.

You can include the [GUEST REVIEW PAGE LINK] tag in any Email Template (or a custom, manual email that you send from the Booking Details page).

Also - if you are not doing this already - you should update your Arrival Instructions Email Template and/or other Email Templates to include the link to the Guest Services App. That app contains all sorts of useful stuff, including the ability for them to report as checked-in, checked-out, lock-box / door codes, local attractions, your custom offers, one-tap navigation to get there, and much more.

It also includes a link for them to leave a review.

Put something like this in any Email Template:

[URL=[GUEST SERVICES PAGE LINK]]View your Guest Services page[/URL]

More about the Guest Services App
KathyandJim, November 28, 2016:

That's great, John! I had no clue! Very helpful. Thanks!, November 3, 2019:

I am trying to find our where the prospective guests can actually view reviews that we have received. It is probably something very simple that I am missing. Is there a link that I can put in my website?
John Amato, November 4, 2019:

Yes - you can find the URL to use in the Property Setup page >> Widgets & Colors tab. Write back if you need help...

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