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Hello I'm in training period, all the PMS looks perfect for my needs but I have 2 issues regarding the small size of the #Adults box on the form. How to increase a bit the size to show well the number of guests? As well this form is very small and no full screen on mobile device. Thank you for your helps. Rodolphe

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John Amato, October 6, 2016:

Hi Rodolphe - I believe we addressed this with the latest release, and through email you mentioned it looks ok now.

Just wanted to follow-up on this public forum topic as well.
rodobooker, October 6, 2016:

Yes it is ok now. Thank u so much
H.Baker, February 11, 2017:

John, Im trying to incorporate the embeddable widget into a right column and the iframe code is too large. I'm selecting the mobile size, Availibility and Booking Calendar. Is there a way to edit the iframe to fit into size 224 pixels wide by 800 pixels tall? This is for Printers Alley Lofts and we're redesigning our website. I can send you a private web preview link if you need it for an example. Please advise, and thank you in advance, Heather Baker

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