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I added prices to the booking calendar for 2018. I don't want these dates to be available to customers yet. A customer is claiming that she was able to go into the calendar and book a date in august. However, this does not show on my calendar. How can I make sure customers cannot see anything do with 2018 until I am ready to publish?

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John Amato, August 10, 2017:

Well, for one thing, I am confused that she thinks she was able to book, but yet it's not on your calendar?

When you say you don't want customers to book - if you mean only through Bookerville (i.e., you're not using any Channel Managers, and not using listing sites), then you could simply turn the property "offline", by going to your Dashboard >> My Properties tab.

Email me if you need help, or this does not accomplish what you want...
Tloveland, July 13, 2019:

I would like the answer to this question posted please. I only want ONLY 4 or 6 months of my public Bookerville calendar to show at any given time so that guests can not book more than 6 months into the future. Right now, there is no restriction and because I have set up may rates a year in advance, they can book a year in advance. I really only want 6 months max. showing at one time. I can't find that setting.
John Amato, July 14, 2019:

Ok - we will develop a new feature that will let you set maximum book-ahead days (in addition to the existing minimum book-ahead days) in the Property Setup page. Look for this next week...
John Amato, July 21, 2019:

Just to follow-up on this: this feature has been rolled out, look for the "Maximum Book-Ahead Days" right under the "Minimum Book-Ahead Days" in your Property Setup page. As always, write back if you need help or experience anything unexpected.

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