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Is there a way to offer multi day discounts for say Nov-May but then turn it off for Summer months. I have it set up but don't see an option to stop when I no longer want to offer. Just seeing if possibility... Thank you for any input.

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John Amato, September 12, 2017:

Hi dtarca - there's no way to do that using the Multi-Day Discounts feature. But you can achieve that using Coupon Codes, and you can achieve something close to that using the basic rates tab.
dtarca, September 12, 2017:

If I did a coupon code say Save 20% and put dates in Nov-Feb. Could I then block out holiday dates? I see a book dates feature. How does that work? When I tried to assign different dates to the same coupon title that was not working. I just may be overreaching. I would then need to display coupons for guests to enter to get discounted rate..yes? I know I can enter coupon. Just looking for them to get correct rate when playing around with calendar. I'll keep playing with it.... Thank you for the response.
John Amato, September 29, 2017:

There's no way to block holidays from participating in the coupon. But as you may have already figured out, there are two sets of dates for the coupon code - one is the set of dates that the coupon can be entered to make a reservation, and the other is the set of dates for the booking (arrival/departure) that the coupon applies to. (Does this help?)

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