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I'm doing a booking and the renter wants to pay by PayPal. How do I get the PayPal payment request page sent to her?
I hit the Payment button on the bottom of the booking page but it brings me to a page set up for me to connect to Paypal to pay!
This is our first run through with a real renter. Help!

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John Amato, May 16, 2012:

The fastest/easiest way is probably to just copy that URL (to the payment page) and paste it into an email and send it to the customer. They will then see that page and make the payment to you.

You might want to create a new Email Template, perhaps called "Invoice" or something like that, where you can show what's due, and provide a link to the payment page. Then you could just click the Generate Email button and it would pre-populate all of the information automatically for you, ready to send. Let us know if we can help you set that up, Ok?

Pine Hollow Lodging, May 16, 2012:

But is there a way for that Papal url to go into the "Invoice" template by default? I have to cut/paste it into that email each time I have a paypal payment?
John Amato, May 16, 2012:

Yes, it's not really a PayPal URL. It's a Bookerville URL for the Payment Page for a specific booking, and the tag is this:


To make it into a clickable link in any of your Email Templates, you can just put in something like this:

To make your payment, go to this page: [URL=[PAYMENT PAGE LINK]]Pay Now[/URL]

Does this make sense? (Or am I answering the wrong question?)

Pine Hollow Lodging, May 16, 2012:

that does make sense! I think... So that would be the link to the page for that particular invoice?
John Amato, May 16, 2012:

That's right. And it can go in any of your Email Templates, even new ones that you create. It should already be in some of the default ones, unless they were removed.

Luis Estrella, August 9, 2012:

I am setting up the automated email confirmation which will include the remaining payment/due date, however, I'm confused as to what URL would be included in this:

"[PAYMENT PAGE LINK] The URL to the customer booking-specific payment page. Make this into a link with something like:
]Pay Now "

Just to clarify, the [PAYMENT PAGE LINK] is not a click-able link? But it is specific to that particular guest and will automatically show the remaining balance with the paypal option? And I have to put in a specific URL, which would be what?
John Amato, August 9, 2012:

Sorry Luis - I just realized that nowhere in this topic does it actually say how to put the link in your emails!

Here is what you would put in your email to produce a clickable link to the booking-specific payment page:


The "Pay Now" text is what the link itself will actually say, so you can make that whatever you want. Let me know if you need any help, Ok? That's what we're here for!


pch, June 7, 2017:

I know this is an old topic. I changed my paypal account but cannot figure out how to change it in Bookerville. For other payment methods you offer places to put in your log in. How do I change my Paypal payment to my new paypal account?
John Amato, June 15, 2017:

The only thing to change is the email address that you use to identify that PayPal account. Place that in the PayPal section of the Property Setup page in Bookerville. Email me if you need help...

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