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How to Avoid Common "Inquiry Response" Pitfalls

When a potential guest sends an inquiry about your vacation rental, the email response should instill trust, look professional, and not look like spam.

Specifically, your emails should include:

WHO: Convey to the client that you are the reputable owner/manager.
WHAT: - Be specific about what the email is about. Most likely, the client inquired about many opportunities and will need to be reminded about the details.
WHEN: Repeat back when the client requested your property.
WHERE: Use enticing details to remind the client about what makes your property attractive (?Inches to the Beach?).
WHY: You are sending the client this email because they initiated the conversation.

There is nothing quite as valuable as learning from real life situations. This free article provides details from an actual email response for a property inquiry. The mistakes made in the response are far too common. Are you making them too?

Get practical advice from an experienced industry professional who points out what went wrong and how to quickly and easily avoid these common mistakes.
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