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Vacation Rental Reports

Robust reporting adds even more value to your vacation rental software.

This is just a sampling of some of the more popular reports. Bookerville adds more reports fairly routinely, based on client feedback.

Owner Statements

This work of art shows all the revenue for each booking, then all the expenses for each booking, with Net Due Owner subtotals. Separate section for non-booking related expenses, and then totals for each property. Indispensible! And your owners will love it.

Configurable to show different revenue columns, and filterable by dates, properties, and more.

Combined with our Automatic Recurring Expenses and commission tracking, you will wonder how you ever did all this without Bookerville.
Vacation Rental Owner Statement Report

Tax Report

Tax Report shows tourism taxes collected (up to three different kinds, defined in your settings), subtotaled by property, and grand totaled at the bottom.

Shows taxes collected for each booking in the selected period, with quick links to go to each booking.
Vacation Rental Vacation Rental Tax Report

Owner Report

Owner Report allows you to be transparent with your owners, and disclose booking amounts per period with subtotals per property.

Quick links to go to each booking, also Booking Dates, Net Rent, Cleaning Fee, Booking Fee, Guest Options, Security Deposit, Tax, and Total.
Vacation Rental Owner Report

Agent Report

Agent Report shows bookings grouped and subtotaled by Agents. Guest bookings are shown first, followed by any and all agents.

Quick links to go to each booking. Perfect for tracking commissions, credits, etc.
Vacation Rental Agent Report

Marketing Channel Report

Marketing Channel Report shows bookings grouped and subtotaled by Marketing Channels, starting with those which have none.

Quick links to go to each booking. Track which marketing channels, listing sites, ad campaigns are performing best (and worst).
Vacation Rental Marketing Channel Report

Check-In Report

Check-In Report shows bookings that are checking in for the selected dates, grouped and subtotaled by property.

Quick links to go to each booking. Stay on top of cleaners, arrival instructions, and ensure final amounts are paid.
Vacation Rental Check-In Report

Accounting Export Report

Accounting Export Report exports your bookings, along with all payments made to them, to a CSV file for easy import into Excel, Quickbooks, or any other accounting system.

Columns include Guest Name, Property Name, Date Booked, Check-in Date, Check-out Date, Rent, Tax, and all payments made, as well as their dates and methods (Check, Credit Card, PayPal, etc.)
Vacation Rental Accounting Export Report

Guest List Report

Guest List Report allows you to report or export your entire guest list.

Columns include Guest Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Property Booked, and Last Date Booked. Sorted by property. Inquiry contacts included.

It's your data: liberate it!
Vacation Rental Guest List Report

Occupancy Report

Occupancy Report shows your occupancy over the selected dates, by property in bar graph form. There is an aggregate occupancy bar at the bottom.

Monitor the occupancy health of your properties!
Vacation Rental Occupancy Report

Taxable Receipts Report

Taxable Receipts Report shows moneys paid during the selected dates that are taxable, for those states and municipalities that require tax payments in this fashion.

This report is in Beta: help us refine and shape it!
Vacation Rental Taxable Receipts Report

Clean/Inspect Report

In support of Bookerville's Housekeeping Module, this report lets you see all inspections and/or cleanings for selected dates. Filter by property and also by cleaner/inspector.

Expense Report shows expenses incurred or paid (filter) for the selected dates, grouped and subtotaled by property.
Vacation Rental Housekeeping Report

Expense Report

Did you even know that Bookerville can track your expenses, on a per-property basis? And we've refined and enahanced this capability even further with our Automatic Recurring Expenses. Enter your expenses in the Expense tab of the Property Setup page. PayPal transaction fees are automatically recorded.

Expense Report shows expenses incurred or paid (filter) for the selected dates, grouped and subtotaled by property.
Vacation Rental Expense Report

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