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Bookerville's New Maintenance App
by John Amato

Richer, more automated Work Orders await you!

You've had the ability to create, manage, and report on Work Orders for a while now. But Bookerville has now produced a Maintenance Mobile App that your maintenance personnel can use to navigate to the property, see any photos of the issue(s) submitted for that work order, provide estimates, final amounts, and report as completed.

Setting Up Maintenance Users

Step one is setting up one or more sub-users and assigning them "Maintenance" permission for one or more properties. This is done in your Dashboard >> Account Settings tab, look for the "Members With Permissions" box. Once you do this, that user will then have access to the new Maintenance Mobile App.

Creating & Assigning Work Orders

Once you (or your housekeepers/inspectors) have created a work order, you'll need to set the status to Approved, and set a scheduled date for it. We have also improved this: the pop-up date-picker calendar shows you booked dates so that you can more easily choose a scheduled date in between bookings when needed. You also must assign the work order to the maintenance user. Once that's done, they will then see the work order appear in their prioritized list in their Maintenance App.

Completing Work Orders

Your maintenance personnel can then mark work orders as completed, and your dashboard is updated to reflect the latest statuses. They can also create new work orders as they see needs for things while they are in the field, and these can then be reviewed and approved by you before they can commence work and mark as completed.

Give Us Your Feedback

As always, Bookerville thrives on feedback from actual active users. If you're using this new feature, please don't be shy about your ideas to improve it.


Recent Discussions:

Vacation Rental Contracts
Thank you pch!

It's interesting. In the last 10 years, we've seen a lot of variety and innovation in computerized contracts. Unfortunately, to our eyes these have all raised more questions than answers.

Docusign for example was among the first dedicated services to offer the "pixelated fingerpaint" signature - signees used either their fingers on a touchscreen, or a mouse on a computer - to try to actually "sign" their name in a rectangle somewhere on the page/screen.

Various retail stores tried this too, some of them still require it. The results have always perplexed me, because they usually don't end up looking like anything resembling a signature. It's especially dubious because the development of that technology is very expensive, so I'm thinking the services that tried them probably lost of lot of $$ trying to get that to catch on.

Bookerville is still just providing a simple checkbox, as we always have. To this day, after 15+ years of operating that way, we've still not received any reports of this causing a legal problem for anyone.

That said, Bookerville is always willing to look into new options, so if you (or anyone) has ideas you'd like to explore, let us know.

Interestingly, Docusign has punted on the "pixelated fingerpaint" in favor of a much simplified text box where you simply type in your name. They have gone to great lengths to bundle in a bunch of custom, cursive-looking fonts that you can choose from. But the reality is that the signees are simply typing their name into a text box.

Bookerville took this approach with our Owner Contracts feature, and that is now into it's second season of use, with no legal challenges reported to date. (Of course ours does not have fancy cursive-looking fonts to choose from.) If you think you'd like something like that in the Public Booking Calendar for bookings, we can explore that.
- Nov 28, 2023 in Blog: General by John Amato
Vacation Rental Contracts
Hi John. Fast forward nearly 10 years. Can you update us on some key needs for hosts? Is there a way in Bookerville now for digital signatures? Do any of the channel managers offer a contract template? I have created our contract via Bookerville templates but I was wondering if there are generic "legalese" clauses that could/should be in there. I have looked and will keep looking but your great blog post from 2014 might benefit from some of your fresh perspective along these lines.
- Oct 27, 2023 in Blog: General by pch


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