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Bookerville's New Maintenance App
by John Amato

Richer, more automated Work Orders await you!

You've had the ability to create, manage, and report on Work Orders for a while now. But Bookerville has now produced a Maintenance Mobile App that your maintenance personnel can use to navigate to the property, see any photos of the issue(s) submitted for that work order, provide estimates, final amounts, and report as completed.

Setting Up Maintenance Users

Step one is setting up one or more sub-users and assigning them "Maintenance" permission for one or more properties. This is done in your Dashboard >> Account Settings tab, look for the "Members With Permissions" box. Once you do this, that user will then have access to the new Maintenance Mobile App.

Creating & Assigning Work Orders

Once you (or your housekeepers/inspectors) have created a work order, you'll need to set the status to Approved, and set a scheduled date for it. We have also improved this: the pop-up date-picker calendar shows you booked dates so that you can more easily choose a scheduled date in between bookings when needed. You also must assign the work order to the maintenance user. Once that's done, they will then see the work order appear in their prioritized list in their Maintenance App.

Completing Work Orders

Your maintenance personnel can then mark work orders as completed, and your dashboard is updated to reflect the latest statuses. They can also create new work orders as they see needs for things while they are in the field, and these can then be reviewed and approved by you before they can commence work and mark as completed.

Give Us Your Feedback

As always, Bookerville thrives on feedback from actual active users. If you're using this new feature, please don't be shy about your ideas to improve it.


Recent Discussions:

Minimum Days Between Bookings
Ok - lots going on here, and I think we will need to move this to email because it's getting complex. After we figure out these myriad issues, we can update this blog thread for the benefit of others. Emailing you now...
- Jan 4, 2021 in Blog: General by John Amato
Minimum Days Between Bookings
I checked that box and synched calendars. In Bookerville it did not then pad existing imported reservations. I looked at each ical feed in a browser. The Airbnb is exporting padded days and blocked maintenance days but Bookerville is not importing them from Airbnb. Bookerville is exporting padded days to my Airbnb calendar. BUT Bookerville calendar is not showing any of these padded days. For example for a reservation right now in Airbnb a guest cannot book the night of January 14 but in Bookerville a guest could. For blocked days for maintenance (blocked on Airbnb calendar) A guest cannot book January 5 or 6 but if a guest uses my public Bookerville calendar, they can book those days. Now that I think about it this started happening last fall but I simply went in to Bookerville and physically "booked by owner" days either side of my imported Airbnb reservations after we had some back to back reservations made from the Bookerville side, not knowing what else to do.
- Jan 4, 2021 in Blog: General by pch
Minimum Days Between Bookings
Ok. So yes, when you check that box, Bookerville starts including those padded days on each side of each booking, in the iCal feeds (as well as Bookerville's Availability API, if others are using that).

As for the padded days not making it into Bookerville: is AirBnB publishing these in their iCal feeds? You can bring up one of their iCal feeds by just pasting the URL into a browser, have a look at the start and end dates they are showing there...
- Jan 4, 2021 in Blog: General by John Amato


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