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Bookerville Privacy Policy

Bookerville is committed to keeping the privacy of our members protected. This includes any and all information that is collected from members (typically owners or managers of properties), and the guests who visit the property pages on Bookerville.


The information you enter as a guest - including name, phone number, and email address - is collected and stored in the Bookerville private database. It is sent to the owner/manager of the property for which a booking is requested, so that the owner/manager can contact the guests and confirm details to make arrangements for contract signing, key pickup, arrival instructions (perhaps including door codes), subsequent scheduled payments, etc.

Members, Property Owners

Bookerville needs to collect certain information in order to register users as members of the Bookerville site. This is usually limited to just a user name (which the member chooses at registration time), and an email address which is used to send the password to the member. Bookerville also collects information in the Property Setup pages, which includes various data about the property including address, nightly rates, and booking information. All of this data is kept strictly confidential and is not shared with any other party, other than through the normal public Bookerville calendar and listing pages, unless the Bookerville member specifies that they wish to share their property data with other entities, and makes the corresponding settings in their Bookerville account.

Owner information, and their property information, is kept private. Bookerville does not publicly display the rental property address, nor the owner's/manager's address. Only the owner's/manager's name and email address are displayed on the public calendar pages, so that potential customers have a way to contact them with questions.

Email and Spam

Bookerville despises spam! We will not divulge your email address(es) (or any of your other information) to any other parties - period. We value your trust and will not do anything to violate it. Many membership-based sites will participate in data exchanges, or selling their member email addresses to companies that use them for the purposes of spamming. Bookerville does not engage in this practice in any way. The vast majority of email correspondence from Bookerville is generated from actions taken by individual members. As the owner/manager of a property or unit, you will receive emails that are generated by guests making inquiries, and also from Bookerville when certain events occur (i.e., a booking is made).

Additionally, Bookerville occasionally sends automatic emails for things such as:
  • Subscription expiration notices - one reminder is sent two weeks prior to expiration, another is sent one week prior, and a final notice is sent the day before an expiration. After that, when the expiration date passes without a new subscription payment, the property is simply de-activated. It can be re-activated by paying for a new subscription at any time.
  • Software updates - whenever there is a significant revision to the Bookerville software, we are obligated to inform our members. This is usually limited to three or four times a year.

Bookerville may also occasionally send automatic emails to our members to inform them of special offers, new features, or other Bookerville-specific events, but these are very rare. Bookerville does not engage in promoting unrelated products or services from other parties: to us, this would be no different than selling our member email addresses to an outside party.

We are committed to keeping our business model simple, transparent, and honest. We provide a valuable service to our customers, and they pay us directly for it. By adhering to this principle, we aim to keep the web site free of advertisements, and your mailbox free of un-wanted spam.


Cookies are used by Bookerville for two primary things:
  1. To keep track of user sessions. This is vital in order for Bookerville to remember where you are in the pages, what information you have provided, and to keep owner and property data from being displayed to another user.

  2. Cookies are also used to remember passwords when the "Remember Me On This Computer" option is checked during the login process.
The cookies Bookerville uses are encrypted, so no other party will be able to view the information that Bookerville stores in them.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us

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