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Bookerville Channel Managers

Bookerville provides three unique Channel Manager options for rich integration with listing sites like AirBnB,, HomeAway/VRBO, Expedia, TripAdvisor, and many others.

Vacation Rental Channel Managers

Channel Managers aren't the only way to achieve some forms of integration with listing sites, but they do provide the best integration option. Using a Channel Manager is the best way to all but eliminate double-bookings, to simplify the availability and rates synchronization across all listings, and to streamline your operations. All other options for integrating with listing sites will require significantly more manual intervention. To learn more: Integrating Bookerville with Listing Sites

Channel Managers provide the ability to integrate your Bookerville account with listing sites. There are many benefits to this, but most of them can be split into two major categories:

Property Distribution and Synchronization

All our Channel Manager options can take the property data that you enter into Bookerville - the address, features/amenities, rates, taxes, photos, etc. - and automatically distribute this information to all the various listing sites you choose to use. Channel Managers also update this data when it changes in Bookerville, which is especially important for availability and rates, so that you don't have to spend all your time updating these manually on multiple listing sites. Update once in your Bookerville dashboard, and it gets pushed out automatically to all the listing sites you are using.

Bookings Come Into Your Bookerville Dashboard

All our Channel Manager options also respond to bookings when they occur on listing sites, and automatically push these to your Bookerville dashboard in real-time. And unlike with iCal feeds, this also includes guest data and booking amounts, so you don't have to copy & paste this from multiple dashboards. This also keeps your availability synchronized across all the listing sites, as well as your Bookerville account and website, if you're using the Bookerville widgets (or API) to allow guests to book directly with you from there.


Whatever Channel Manager you choose, there is an additional cost for usage not covered in Bookerville's subscription price. The cost of using any one of the Channel Managers varies depending on a few options. Some are 100% commission-based, while others are a flat-rate price per property per year, similar to Bookerville's subscription price structure. To save money, keep in mind that all of our Channel Manager options support Net Rates, which can serve to reduce or even eliminate the costs of using not only the Channel Manager, but also the listing sites themselves.

Bookerville's Three Channel Manager Options:

Bookerville's Vacation Rental ChannelConnector Bookerville offers a fully integrated, full-featured, powerful Channel Manager solution which handles all your listing site maintenance from within your Bookerville dashboard. We offer direct integration to all the major OTA channels. The benefits to using our own integrated solution is that there is no separate agreement, or separate support like when you use either of the 3rd-Party channel managers shown below. Bookerville's Channel Manager is commission based, and the more listing sites you link to, the lower the commission is.
Learn more: ChannelConnector
BookingPal Vacation Rental Channel Manager
BookingPal Vacation Rental Channel Manager Our integration to BookingPal's channel manager offers commission-based pricing to a global channel manager API featuring direct integration with over 40 vacation rental listing sites, portals and travel agencies. If you use BookingPal Channel Manager, you only pay for bookings received through the system. There is no minimum number of properties and there is no annual contract required from BookingPal to use their service, but commissions are paid directly to them. BookingPal is based out of California and Virginia.
Learn more: BookingPal Channel Manager
Rentals United Vacation Rental Channel Manager
Rentals United Vacation Rental Channel Manager Our integration to Rentals United's channel manager offers a fixed pricing solution and gives access to the Rentals United advanced distribution platform. It is designed for professional shortterm rental property managers with 10 or more properties who are looking to advertise on worldwide and niche booking channels. Pricing is subscription based and depends on number of properties and is charged annually by Rentals United. This solution requires an annual contract with Rentals United. Rentals United is based out of Spain.
Learn more: Rentals United Channel Manager

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