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Vacation Rental Damage Protection

Vacation Rental Damage Protection Recommended by Rental Guardian

Bookerville is pleased to announce that we are we are now offering rental damage protection products via to our vacation rental property manager customers. It's no secret that traditional, refundable security deposits have been slowly setting with the sun, due to their many drawbacks. Damage Protection s/b (the formal industry name for damage protection insurance) - whether mandatory or optional - is quickly becoming the preferred alternative. Let's briefly go over the reasons why:

Damage Protection s/b Benefits

Serves as a lucrative add-on revenue stream for the property manager.

No more collecting and holding extra money, and then having to refund it after the check-out.

Greatly reduces accounting complexities.

No issues with customers "challenging" or "charge-backing" security deposits that are retained for damage.

There are many more advantages than this, but these four represent the most-often cited by property managers looking to escape the burden of refundable security deposits.

Why stands out from other vacation Damage Protection s/b providers in several ways:

Automation: offers unparalleled software integration through a modern, real-time API, which Bookerville has integrated with. What does this mean? It means that new policies, whether mandatory or guest-optional, are automatically posted to for you, and the documents are automatically sent to the guest. There is no paperwork for you or the guest to deal with - the software does it for you!

Competitive:'s prices and coverage terms offer a value that can't be beat elsewhere.

Confidence: With products like Royal Adventure Damage Protection from ANV at Lloyd's, Virginia Surety Damage Protection from Virginia Surety, and Lexington Premises Damage Coverage from Lexington, both you and your guests can rest assured the policies are first-rate.

Reporting: You can sign-in to your own secure Dashboard to run reports, review documents, and view your tallies.

How Do I Get Started?

If you'd like to poke around at what products offers, you can browse their page here: Accidental Rental Damage Protection.

If you're ready to get started, contact us for details, and we will introduce you to one of's expert account representatives. They can show you what products will best suit your needs, and what options there are for offering these to your guests. That's all you have to do - and Bookerville will take care of the rest and you'll be all set.

Get started today: Rental Guardian and Bookerville

22 Responses:

PACVL, February 10, 2015:

I went through the process... they are not interested in you if you are small. I submitted my two units and was refused by their underwriters because I only have two units. You might want to inquire how many units you have to have to use their service.
John Amato, June 23, 2015:

At this time, this product is not yet being offered to managers with fewer than 10 properties. We are hopeful this policy will change in the future. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
(Optional), September 3, 2015:

Any plans to incorporate a rental insurance that caters to those of us with a few rentals? Guests are choosing to book with me ok VRBO since we have that option.
John Amato, September 3, 2015:

As I understand it, no they have no plans to accept fewer than 10-property accounts. :-(
Frank-4916, February 6, 2018:

Is there an option in your software to add this as an option for guests if you want to self insure?
John Amato, February 6, 2018:

Frank-4916 - yes, you can easily set up what we call a Guest Option in the Property Setup page. You can make it whatever you like, and priced however you like. You can also make it mandatory if you want to force them to buy it.
pch, March 22, 2018:

I reached out to Rental Guardian and they currently do take single property owners. How do I integrate this to Bookerville once the agent and I have discussed options?
pch, March 22, 2018:

Rental Guardian also indicates that they can offer travel insurance. Is that a feature that Bookerville owners use and offer to guests?
PACVL, March 22, 2018:

Interesting. Wonder when that occurred... I would be interested as well.
pch, March 22, 2018:

LCBR I believe it happened very recently. They are offering in under their Protection Brands branch. It is specifically for owners with 1 to 10 properties.
John Amato, March 23, 2018:

Very good news, and yes Travel Insurance is also something that can be integrated into the Guest Options of Bookerville. We set it up for you once your Rental Guardian account has been established. Let me know when you get the final email, which should have your API key and the relevant product info., and we will set things up for you in Bookerville. Thanks for the heads up!
PACVL, March 23, 2018:

Can you send me a contact person?
John Amato, March 23, 2018:

Hi LCBR - they don't really have a single dedicated contact like that, but the best way to get it started is to submit this (short) form:
PACVL, June 25, 2018:

Broken link John and the other form I was able to locate doesn't let you submit unless you have 10 properties.
John Amato, June 25, 2018:

Yes, and actually there are some other minimums as well, like # of bookings per year, and I think even revenue volume. I wish it weren't so, but it's Rental Guardian's policy.

(And thanks for reporting the broken link...)
PACVL, June 25, 2018:

So they don't have a solution for less than 10? I thought they just recently did a webinar
PACVL, July 18, 2018:

John does their new protection brands use the BV integrations???
John Amato, July 18, 2018:

Hi LCBR - I don't know the answer to the question about how many properties, and what volumes you have to hit for them to cover you, each property manager will have to reach out and ask Rental Guardian. Their new plans should integrate with Bookerville the same way, yes.
Carl Nagle, April 29, 2021:

I just tried the Bookerville integration to contact Rental Guardian and the Request form was immediately rejected because I have fewer than 10 properties.
John Amato, April 30, 2021:

There are a handful of minimum requirements, but they are more about total volume than number of properties.

We have removed that particular constraint, so please try again, and please email me if you need any help or want to explore anything further.
Beach Retreats, March 16, 2024:

Hi John,
Does Rental Guardian now allow coverage for just two properties? I'm confused with the information I'm reading above. I would like to get information so do I go through Bookerville to get the information?
John Amato, March 17, 2024:

Hi Beach Retreats - yes it does, through us as the provider. Please email me and we will get you set up...

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