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Rental Guardian and Bookerville

Vacation Rental Damage Protection Recommended by Bookerville

Bookerville is pleased to announce that we are now offering Rental Guardian Damage Protection products to our vacation rental property manager customers. It's no secret that traditional, refundable security deposits have been slowly setting with the sun, due to their many drawbacks. Damage Protection - either mandatory or optional - is quickly becoming the preferred alternative. Let's briefly go over the reasons why:

Damage Coverage Benefits

Serves as a lucrative add-on revenue stream for the property manager.
No more collecting and holding extra money, and then having to refund it after the check-out.
Greatly reduces accounting complexities.
No issues with customers "challenging" or "charge-backing" security deposits that are retained for damage.

There are many more advantages than this, but these four represent the most-often cited by property managers looking to escape the burden of refundable security deposits.

Why Rental Guardian?

Rental Guardian stands out from other vacation rental damage protection providers in several ways:

Automation: Rental Guardian offers unparalleled software integration through a modern, real-time API, which Bookerville has integrated with. What does this mean? It means that new policies, whether mandatory or guest-optional, are automatically posted to Rental Guardian for you, and the documents are automatically sent to the guest. There is no paperwork for you or the guest to deal with - the software does it for you!

Competitive: Rental Guardian's prices and coverage terms offer a value that can't be beat elsewhere.

Confidence: With products like Royal Adventure Damage Protection from ANV at Lloyd's, Virginia Surety Damage Protection from Virginia Surety, and Lexington Premises Damage Coverage from Lexington, both you and your guests can rest assured the policies are first-rate.

Reporting: You can sign-in to your own secure Dashboard to run reports, review documents, and view your tallies.

"Rental Guardian is providing me and my guests what we want, and Bookerville's integration means less work for all of us."

Chuck Menzel
Sandseeker Property Management,
"This is so much better than what we were doing before. The automation is the icing on the cake!"

Matt Weiss