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Just a quick heads-up: Bookerville is no longer permitting properties to be deleted.

Too many times people have accidentally deleted a property that they didn't intend to, or they deleted the wrong one, or realized later that even though the property may no longer be active, they still need the data from it to report on for year-end taxes, etc. And it is nearly impossible for Bookerville to reliably recover properties once they have been deleted.

If there is a property that is no longer active, simply turn it off-line in your Dashboard >> My Properties tab. You can also remove it from your Master Calendar view by un-checking that box there.

You may also want to un-check the "List this Property Publicly" box and the "List this property on Bookerville's listing pages" box in the Property Setup page for properties that are no longer active.

As always, if there is any confusion or concern about this, email us.

3 Responses:

pmicentraloregon, March 29, 2021:

I have two properties OFFLINE but they still have a life feed online. I need those deleted.
John Amato, March 30, 2021:

Hi pmicentraloregon - please email me about this, we can take care of it.
cvmtci, January 2, 2024:

Hello I have a property I would like to delete It is Las Brisas Azules

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