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What You Need To Know

You've gone through the process of signing up with Rental Guardian, and Bookerville has set up your products for damage protection and/or cancelation insurance. What's next?

How Bookerville Notifies Rental Guardian

There are two groups of Rental Guardian products: damage protection products and trip cancelation products. Bookerville treats these differently because of the cancelation policies of each group.

Damage Protection

For damage protection products, Bookerville waits until 3 days before the guests' arrival date to attempt to send ("post") it to Rental Guardian. This is because bookings can change - get canceled, move dates, move to other properties, etc. - during the time leading up to the arrival date, and so there's not much point in sending the damage protection products to Rental Guardian until closer to the arrival date.

Trip Cancelation

For trip cancelation insurance products, Bookerville posts these the same day (that night) that the booking is created. This is because guests may cancel immediately after purchasing, and so Rental Guardian needs to know about these purchases right away.

Email Notifications

Every night, Bookerville looks for Rental Guardian products in your account that are ready to be sent to Rental Guardian. Most of these are sent without any issues, but occasionally it will fail for some reason. The most common reasons Bookerville is unable to successfully post Rental Guardian products to them are:

- Missing/incomplete/incorrect property data
- Missing/incomplete/incorrect guest data
- The product cannot be canceled because it is now past the cancelation date

When this happens, Bookerville sends you (not the guests) an email showing what happened, and the reason Rental Guardian gave for the failure. Sometimes it's obvious and an easy fix: missing guest data? Just go enter it. Other times the reason Rental Guardian returns to us for the failure is incomprehensible, and you will need to contact your Rental Guardian account representative to find out how to handle it.

Bookerville Tries Six Times

Bookerville will make six (6) consecutive attempts, one per night, to post Rental Guardian products that are scheduled to be sent. This is because in the cases where it's easy to correct (missing guest data), you can correct it and simply wait for the next night's attempt.

After the 6th failure (for the same product), Bookerville will make no more attempts to post it, and you will need to handle it manually in your Rental Guardian dashboard. Bookerville expresses this in the emails it sends to you each night.

Manage By Exception

Rental Guardian provides a valuable service that can be lucrative for the property manager, and also simplifies running your vacation rental business. Bookerville's integration makes it even easier, with the occasional exception that has to be handled.

As always, if confused just email us and we are happy to help.

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