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Vacation Rental Automated Refunds

Refund payments with a click. Or even set them up to be completely automatic

It's been a long time coming, but at long last, you can now initiate refunds for electronic payments in the Bookerville dashboard, without having to log in separately to your Lynnbrook/BridgePay dashboard.

Lynnbrook: The Recommended Payment Processor

This can only be achieved through our recommended payment processor, the Lynnbrook Group, of course. If you don't have a Lynnbrook merchant account, there is no better time or reason to switch than now. Learn more about Lynnbrook

How Do I Refund In Bookerville?

In the Booking Details page, if you have a Lynnbrook merchant account, any payments made through them will now show a 3rd action icon, a green $ with a circle-arrow around it:

Vacation Rental Automated Refunds

Clicking that (and confirming for safety) will cause Bookerville to attempt to refund that payment, and you'll see the results right then and there in a pop-up.

And How About Totally Automatic Refunds?

We're so glad you brought that up! As a matter of fact, we are looking for a few members to beta-test a new feature that will automatically refund refundable security deposits X number of days after the departure date, unless you have gone in and marked it for retention (in whole or in part). If you are interested in pilot-testing this next-level of automation, please email us:

When we turn it on for your testing, look for this in the Property Setup page:

Vacation Rental Automated Refunds

More To Come!

Our next phase in this richer integration with Lynnbrook is to let you (optionally) auto-charge the card-on-file for subsequent, scheduled payments. We will announce that when it is ready.

Your Bookerville experience is constantly improving!

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