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How nice would it be if Bookerville automatically created new expense entries for you whenever new bookings happen?

Well guess what? We have rolled out some new updates to accomplish just that.

1) You can now flag certain expenses as "Owner Paid", in the Expenses tab in the Property Setup page. These are expenses that you would "pass-through" to the owners. This will cause them to appear on the new Owner Statement Report that is being developed.

2) On that same Expenses tab, under the usual table at the top where you enter property-specific expenses, there is a new table called "Recurring Expenses:"

Vacation Rental Automatic Recurring Expenses
Here you can establish expenses that will get automatically created for you with every new booking that is entered (either by you or by guests, if you're doing online booking). This will be helpful for things like your commission, perhaps cleaning fees, linen fees, pool heating/propane refills, and other expenses which recur with every new booking.

Some notes:

1) Recurring expenses that are dependent on guests choosing some option (Pet Cleaning Fee, e.g.) are not yet supported. That is planned for a next step.

2) Only actual bookings will get expenses automatically created for them: Booking Requests do not, but they will if/when they ever become actual bookings.

3) Once you've established these rules, they will start getting created with bookings entered thereafter. They will not get created automatically for existing bookings. However, on the Booking Details page, there is a button to "Re-Generate" expenses, which can help expedite retro-fitting these expenses to existing bookings. As always, let us know if you'd like help doing this.

We know this is a lot to take in - it's an ambitious new feature we are trying to automate here. Please don't hesitate to call me for help in understanding and/or setting this up.

We also want to thank those members who have worked with us on this for their painstaking feedback in helping us develop this new automation. Please do weigh in here on this topic with ideas, suggestions, concerns, etc., or email us if you're more comfortable with that.

Thank you.

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