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NDMS and Bookerville

Bookerville integrates seamlessly with your NDMS account, collecting payments from your customers. Payments go directly into your own account.

Bookerville Recommends NATIONAL | Discount Merchant Services™ NATIONAL is known for, and prides itself on, its impeccable customer service, going far beyond the basics in helping clients grow their businesses with care and innovation. NATIONAL provides a single platform solution for accepting credit cards and ACH transactions across any web, mobile, or retail location. With its leading-edge technology, in-house operations, and nationwide support, businesses get the individualized attention they deserve plus NATIONAL's unique method for saving merchants money.

Bookerville chose NATIONAL because of its hospitality focus including vacation rental payments. Our seamless integration provides you with the highest level of security and no additional Bookerville fees. Features include:

Automated Refunds: refund straight from your Bookerville dashboard, and you can also setup automatic refunds for security deposits.
Auto-charge card-on-file: Bookerville can automatically charge for subsequent (scheduled) payments.
Built-in fraud tools and PCI compliance support
Tokenization automatically stores encrypted cards for future subsequent payments
No hidden fees, month-to-month term, #1 in customer satisfaction
NATIONAL is the only Tier 1 Direct Processer to provide dedicated single point of contact Account Managers with guaranteed satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more.
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NDMS and Bookerville

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