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Lynnbrook Group and Bookerville

Bookerville integrates seamlessly with your Lynnbrook Group account, collecting payments from your customers. Payments go directly into your own account.

Lynnbrook Group is Bookerville's recommended solution. Lynnbrook Group is a National leader for credit card and eCheck solutions for the vacation rental industry, offering competitive rates that are transparent and simple to understand. Your Bookerville account will integrate seamlessly with Lynnbrook Group for customer payments directly into your own account. No additional Bookerville fees. Bookerville recommends Sharon Popovich because she is a vacation industry payment expert, trustworthy, and she will get you the best rates available. We don't give these kinds of endorsements to just anyone!

Automated Refunds: refund straight from your Bookerville dashboard, and you can also setup automatic refunds for security deposits.
Auto-charge card-on-file: Bookerville can automatically charge for subsequent (scheduled) payments.
No setup fees, no annual or gateway fees.
No monthly minimums.
No additional Bookerville fees.
Low rates.
Excellent support, just like you've come to expect from Bookerville.
Lynnbrook Group specializes in Vacation Rental businesses, so the account you get from them is ideally suited for you.
In Addition, Lynnbrook Group will:
Save you money on processing fees.
Provide you chargeback assistance.
Provide next day funding including American Express.
For a free quote, contact Sharon Popovich today: Lynnbrook Group Agent Sharon Popovich

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