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Bookerville's API Provides Full Data Integration

From property details, rates, photos, to availability, quotes, and adding/removing bookings, our API gives you and your partners the extreme convenience of powerful integration.

Vacation Rental Software API


Bookerville provides an Application Programming Interface, or API, that can be used by other software to access and even modify your Bookerville data. There are several uses for this:

  • Share data and integrate between Bookerville and listing sites, channel managers, vacation rental portals, etc.
  • Feed Bookerville data into an accounting system or other software.
  • Richer, more sopisticated integration with a website than Bookerville's widgets provide.
To use Bookerville's API, your organization must request an access token. You can apply for one here: Request API Token.

Once your organization has an API access token, you will include it in your API requests. This is how Bookerville identifies and authenticates who you are and validates that you have been granted access to the API, and also how we secure and protect our customers' data.

The rest of this API documentation is aimed primarily at the software developers who will be writing software to integrate with the Bookerville API.


All "endpoints" (URLs) for the entire Bookerville API are vended under secure protocol, and so they should be prefixed with "https", for security purposes. Bookerville currently supports TLS version 1.2.

Next Steps

The first step in starting out with the API is to request an API access token: Request API Token. But you can certainly browse the various APIs before that, or while you're waiting for your token.

There are eight main parts to the Bookerville API, and it is advised to progress through these in this order:

Summary API: This API returns to the caller a summary list of all the properties that Bookerville property managers have authorized your organization to have access to. Each XML record represents a single property, and contains a URL to the Property Details API to obtain the details for that property.

Property Details API: This API returns to the caller the property configuration data, including name, address, features/amenities, rates, taxes, photos, minimum-stay requirements and more.

Availability API: This API returns to the caller a list of all blocked dates from the current date forward.

Booking API: This API allows your organization to request accurate quotes, and to make bookings in Bookerville (which block dates on the Bookerville calendar), and also to delete bookings from Bookerville.

Payment API: This API allows your organization to post booking payments to Bookerville, so that managers can reconcile accounting, run reports, etc.

Multi-Property Search API: This API allows your organization to post date-ranges to Bookerville and get a list of available properties within the Bookerville account, with names, descriptions, photo thumb, estimated pricing, etc. which you can use to present as options to a guest who is inquiring about dates.

Rates API: This API allows your organization to overwrite rates for properties in a Bookerville account. Ideal for services which specialize in rate analysis, and allows them to automatically change your rates in your Bookerville account.

Guest Reviews API: This API allows you to fetch your guest reviews, for a single property or for all properties in an account.

Python Wrapper

Our good friend John Peurifoy has taken the trouble to not only create a Python wrapper for the Bookerville API, but also to publish it on GitHub: Bookerville API Python Wrapper.

Many thanks to John for his diligent effort and for sharing with the rest of us!

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