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Now more than ever: your online booking needs to be easy to use - not just for you, but for your guests!
Bed And Breakfast Manager Software
Impress your customers, eliminate double-bookings, and save yourself time: automate your bed & breakfast business with Bookerville!

Low annual (or monthly) cost: Pricing Schedule
Integrate into Your Website - embed your public availability & booking request calendar directly into page(s) on your own website(s), complete with custom colors!
Offer custom, value-added upgrades which are presented to customers during the booking process.
Integration with PayPal and other online payment gateways - can be integrated into your PayPal or account, or any online payment gateway that provides real-time notifications of completed transactions. Customers pay you directly!
Automatic Payment Collection - Bookerville can be configured to automatically collect payments from customers when they are due. Automatic emails can be setup for payment reminders, past-due notices, cleaning crew reminders, key-swap offices, door codes, and more!
Easy To Use! Clean, modern, professional, easy-to-use interface for both you and your guests.
Custom email templates greatly simplify your correspondence with guests, prospects. Customize the wording, and use your own header graphics!
Multi-Room Search: You and your guests can select dates on the calendar, and see which rooms are available and what they cost.
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B&B Credit Card Integration!

  Bed And Breakfast Manager Software Payment Integration
Comprehensive reporting, support for tax-exempt guests, over-occupancy surcharges, multi-day discounts - and so much more!
Set comprehensive minimum stays: whole-week bookings, special holiday weekends, and more.
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The Solution To Bed And Breakfast Manager Software: Bookerville

See how Bookerville can help you get a professional B&B booking system built into your property's website, blog, or Facebook page quickly, easily, and for as little as $725.99 per year. That's less than $60.50 per month!

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