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Bookerville’s Channel Manager: ChannelConnector

Bookerville has its own, native Channel Manager built into the software, called the ChannelConnector. This next-generation platform offers more features, better integration, and costs less than the 3rd-party Channel Managers. And because it's built-in, your agreement, support, and payment are all directly with Bookerville, simplifying your business arrangement, support, and the management of synchronization, etc.



The ChannelConnector is commission-based. Bookerville keeps track of all bookings that come from the ChannelConnector and the commissions are charged monthly, in the month after the check-out of each booking. Please note that this requires auto-charging to a credit/debit card on file.

The commission is based on the net rent of each booking, and the percent charged depends on the number of the three major listing sites (AirBnB,, and VRBO) you participate with:

  • One listing site: 4.0%
  • Two listing sites: 1.75%
  • Three or more listing sites: 1.5%

Minimums: Please also note that there is a minimum fee of $50 per month.

These commissions and fees are above and beyond the standard Bookerville subscription price.

Net Rates

Of course, the ChannelConnector also supports the Net Rates feature, so the commissions of the ChannelConnector, and even the commissions of the listing sites themselves can be recovered in an automatic way, effectively making this less expensive (or even free) for you.

Ready To Get Started?

Using the ChannelConnector requires agreeing to an additional set of Terms & Conditions, mostly just affirming that you are agreeing to the new, additional price structure and being billed monthly for the commissions.

Please go here: ChannelConnector Terms & Conditions to agree, and once that is done, you will be able to turn on the ChannelConnector for your property(ies) in the Channel Manager section of the Property Setup page.


If you have any questions about the ChannelConnector, please contact us

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