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BridgePay and Bookerville

Bookerville integrates richly and seamlessly with your BridgePay gateway, collecting payments from your customers. Payments go directly into your own account.

BridgePay is Bookerville's recommended solution. BridgePay is a national leader for credit/debit card processing. Your Bookerville account will integrate seamlessly with BridgePay for customer payments directly into your own account. No additional Bookerville fees.

Automated Refunds: refund straight from your Bookerville dashboard.
Auto-charge card-on-file: Bookerville can automatically charge for subsequent (scheduled) payments.
No additional Bookerville fees.

How do I get a BridgePay gateway?

If you already have a merchant account that you are happy with, ask them if they provide a BridgePay gateway account for you to use with it. That way you won't have to switch to a different merchant account provider.

If not, then Bookerville strongly recommends these providers, which offer BridgePay gateways for your merchant account.

  • The Lynnbrook Group: if you have 10 or more properties, we recommend the Lynnbrook Group.
    Learn more: Lynnbrook Group

  • NDMS: if you have fewer than 10 properties, we recommend National Discount Merchant Services (NDMS). Learn more: NDMS