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Vacation Rental Damage Protection Recommended by Bookerville

Bookerville is pleased to announce that we are now offering Safely Damage Protection products to our vacation rental property manager customers. It's no secret that traditional, refundable security deposits have been slowly setting with the sun, due to their many drawbacks. Damage Protection - mandatory or optional - is quickly becoming the preferred alternative. Let's briefly go over the reasons why:

Safely Program Details:

Damage and Liability Insurance: Up to $1M in comprehensive liability coverage, including intentional damage, bodily injury, and bed bug protection.
Guest Screening: Safely includes complimentary guest screening with every liability policy. With just a name, address, and birth date, we check multiple databases - including INTERPOL, sex offenders, felony offenders, and our proprietary list of guests who have damaged rental homes in the past - to identify risky renters.
Travel Insurance: Also known as short-term renter insurance, travel insurance is available directly to your guests and helps them recover up to 100% of their trip costs for covered losses such as illness, trip cancellations, delays, and more.

Prevent. Protect. Profit.

Reduce Risky Renters: When internet strangers stay at your properties, they can cause damage that you hadn’t planned for. Guest Screening from Safely checks to make sure your guests are who they say they are and gives you the confidence to proceed with their reservation.
Minimize Risk: Security deposits provide a minimal amount of protection - if something catastrophic happens, you’ll be left footing the bill. Safely offers up to $1 million in damage and liability coverage and up to $10,000 in contents coverage so you’re protected against guest-caused damage, big or small.
Maximize Revenue: Pass the Safely fee, plus your additional revenue markup to your guests when they book. All the benefits of a security deposit with none of the risk.
Protect your Reputation: Because Safely never requires the guest to admit fault or get involved in your claims, your reputation stays protected and you never have to worry about refunds, charge-backs, or other financial repercussions commonly associated with security deposits.

Why Safely?

Safely stands out from other vacation rental damage protection providers in several ways:

Automation: Safely offers unparalleled software integration through a modern, real-time API, which Bookerville has integrated with. What does this mean? It means that new policies, whether mandatory or guest-optional, are automatically posted to Safely for you, and the documents are automatically sent to the guest. There is no paperwork for you or the guest to deal with - the software does it for you!

Fast, Easy Claims: Say goodbye to waiting months for simple claims payouts or hassling with guests over damage. Safely’s simple claims process takes five minutes and 94% of claims are paid in under three business days. Most claims under $1,000 are paid in one business day.

Confidence: Backed by Lloyd’s of London and equipped with a team of licensed insurance professionals, Safely provides unparalleled confidence for property managers and peace of mind for homeowners.

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Safely and Bookerville