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Rental Calendar
Rental Calendar
Mar, 20, 2012, by member Cindy Amato

When you have many properties you're renting and need to manage existing tenants as well as prospective tenants, it's important to have the right automated rental calendar at your fingertips. This will mean being able to keep accurate track of rent paid and rent that is overdue, and to know when you have prospective tenants that want to look at your properties. Some unfortunately still use a manual, paper rental calendar, or a program that does very little to actually help them manage their appointments and other tasks. Anyone can use a paper wall calendar to write out appointments but this doesn't help them to see what properties are being seen more often than others. It also doesn't help pull tenants into your properties, as they may want to use an automated rental calendar so they can quickly and easily make appointments online. To shop for and choose the right automated rental calendar for your properties, consider their standard features today and how you can choose the ones that will work for you.

Industry Specific

Why get a rental calendar that is industry specific? There are many calendar programs that set appointments and that help you to organize customer data, but they may do little else for you. When you choose something that is industry specific, you may find that your automated rental calendar can help you to see what properties are being shown the most, which tenants are typically late on rent, and so on. You can often use this information with other parts of your software and other programs to make better decisions for your business overall. Another reason to consider industry specific rental calendar programs is that you can more readily and easily add information about your properties. Along with your appointments, you may want to keep track of the rent you're charging, specials you're running on that property at the moment, what is included in the rent, and so on. Since this information may change regularly, keeping it attached to your rental calendar program can make it easier to meet with prospective tenants. Using an industry specific program will typically allow you to do this.

Knowing the Features

The features you typically get from a rental calendar will be dependent upon the program, but understanding what those features mean and how they can benefit you, will help you to decide on the best selection for yourself. As an example, do you rent business property or residential homes and apartments? You'll want different types of reports when it comes to the tenants in each one. Your rental calendar can help you to keep these things separate, if this would help you in your business decisions. Typically it's best to note each feature of various rental calendar programs and see how they would apply to your properties. Don't settle for one that is meant to keep generic appointments, and be sure your staff is using your automated rental calendar program properly for the most benefit.

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