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How to Set an SPF Record for a Domain Registered with GoDaddy
How to Set an SPF Record for a Domain Registered with GoDaddy
Sep, 23, 2014, by member Cindy Amato

Setting up SPF records for your domain name is crucial if you want your Bookerville-generated emails to be sent successfully. While last year (2013), not having SPF records might have only affected about 50% of email, this year it's much closer to 100%. If you need a primer on SPF records and why they are so important, read this: SPF Records and Bookerville.

Follow the 11 steps below to add an SPF record for your domain registered with GoDaddy. This will help to prevent your booking-related emails that are sent from Bookerville from going into guests’ junk email box or being marked as spam.

Step 1: Sign in to This will take you to the My Account screen.

Step 2: From the My Account screen, click the Launch button on the right side of the screen in the Domains row (first row).

Step 3: On the Domain screen, click the domain name you want to edit.
SPF Records GoDaddy Domain Screen

Step 4: On the Domain Details screen, click the second tab called DNS Zone File.
SPF Records GoDaddy Domain Details Screen

Step 5: On the DNS Zone File Tab, click the Use Classic DNS Manager link.
SPF Records GoDaddy Use Classic DNS Manager Link

Step 6: On the Zone File Editor screen, scroll down and look for the TXT (Text) section. In this section, click the Add SPF Record link.
SPF Records GoDaddy Add SPF Record

Step 7: On the Add DNS Record pop-up window, click on the Outsourced Tab.
SPF Records GoDaddy Outsourced Tab

Step 8: In the Enter Outsourced Domains text area, enter the following text*:

*If there are other lines of text in this box already, that’s okay. Just begin typing on the next line.
SPF Records GoDaddy  Enter Bookerville dot com

Step 9: After you have entered the text, click the OK button.

At this point, you will get a Confirmation notice that says, “You are about to modify your existing zone file.” Click the OK button.

Step 10: On the Zone File Editor screen, you should see a new line in the TXT (Text) section.

At this point, you are almost done. At the top of the Zone File Editor screen, click the Save Zone File button for the changes to take affect.
SPF Records GoDaddy Save Zone File

Step 11: You will get a second notice that says, “It will take about one hour for the changes to take affect.” It may take longer (up to 48 hours, they say) so wait at least two days to make sure it’s working.

Your saved zone file will look like this.
SPF Records GoDaddy Saved Zone File Editor

You are all done. Please let us know if you have any questions.

PS: If you'd like more information from GoDaddy on this topic, go here: GoDaddy Help Article: Managing DNS for Your Domain Names

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