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Hi John and Cindy

Yes, another question! As well as receiving checks and making online payment through paypal or paypros, could you add 'Direct Bank Transfer' as a 3rd option? I'm not sure how much this is used in the States, but it is very common in the UK and Australia where checks are being phased out, so it would be really helpful to have it as an option on the booking form. As it would be a matter of a ticked box, and then the auto-responder would send the payment bank details, would it be a difficult fix??

Many thanks

3 Responses:

abracasa, August 15, 2014:

I agree with kickback we get many requests here in the UK to pay by Direct Bank Transfer. After all its a cost saving by the potential customers
Niseko Boutiques, September 10, 2014:

I will add a 3rd tick to the request. More than 50% of our customers want to use a bank transfer over a credit card.

John Amato, October 22, 2014:

This is available now! Of course it's not as automated as PayPal or, but you can now specify bank transfers for your accepted payment options, and enter instructions that will be presented to the guests when they are paying.

Learn more: bank wire transfers

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