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Release 2.1 was rolled out on May 28th, 2010. Below are the features & enhancements included in this seventh Bookerville release:

1) Release Notes:

You can now always see what's been going on with Bookerville just by perusing the Release Notes page:

The whole history of revisions is listed there, with links to visit each release-specific page, describing the major new features and enhancements that have been included. (Bookmark that page!)

2) Cleaning Fee Is Optionally Taxable:

Your cleaning fee, if you have one, can now be specified to be taxable. It's come to our attention that there are some areas that do require taxing the cleaning fee.

3) Three Levels of Taxes:

You can now specify up to three kinds of taxes. You provide the name and percent for each one (i.e., State, County, Local). Bookerville will still refer to this as a single sum to the guests, but when you run reports on what taxes are due for you to pay to the various agencies, Bookerville can determine how much is due to each municipality.

4) Security Deposits:

You can now optionally specify that a security deposit is required. This can be a flat dollar amount, or a percent of the total due. You can also optionally offer a security deposit waiver - a non-refundable flat fee that the guests pay instead of a security deposit. You can also offer guests the choice of a traditional, refundable security deposit, or the waiver option, and Bookerville will present this as a choice to the guest when they make a booking request. You can also specify that your security deposit is to be collected at the time of booking (see below.)

5) Booking Fees:

You can now specify that you want to charge a booking fee. Prior to this release, booking fees were tied to payments that are made at the time of booking. We have now separated this from booking-time payments, so that your (optional) booking fee can be listed as a separate charge in the tally presented to guests. You can also specify that your booking fee is to be collected at the time of booking (see below.) Your booking fee can be either a flat dollar amount or a percent of the total due.

6) Pre-Payments: Payments At Time Of Booking:

We've separated this out now, so that payments that are required at the time of booking can be either an Initial Payment (can be flat amount, or percent of total), or you can optionally include whatever booking fee you have specified, and/or any security deposit you have specified.

Whatever you decide, the amount will be required, and treated the same way as previously: guests are required to pay this within 20 minutes of making their booking request, or the booking is dropped. We've also enhanced the booking request confirmation message to assure guests that they can pay via PayPal whether they have a PayPal account or not. We've also included a ticking timer to remind them that they must complete the payment within 20 minutes.

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