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I have early check in and 3 different late check out options for guest options. I would be nice if these were integrated into bookerville so that when chosen, the "ARRIVING" and "DEPARTING" times would reflect the chosen options.

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John Amato, August 10, 2012:

Oooh, that would be nice. We will ponder that. It will probably involve special "tags" (i.e., like those used in the Email Templates) that would trigger certain things to happen in the software. For example, in this case, perhaps entering something like this:


into the description of the Guest Option would alert Bookerville to override the default check-in time you have set. (Of course, the tags themselves would not appear in the visible description when presented to the guests.)


dlxhivac, August 10, 2012:

That would probably work. I was thinking that under guest options set up page, early and late check in options might be listed. If chosen, a window would open that gave then owner the ability to choose new check in or check out times and the fee. How you got the program to handle this new arrival or departure data is beyond my scope but I would think that you could create a variable for modified arrival and modified departure times. If these were blank, the default values would be used. If there were modified arrival or departure times, the modified values would be inserted when the tags were placed in email.
dlxhivac, April 13, 2014:

Any update in integrating early check ins or check outs into the availability calendar? When my renters choose an early check in or late check out from my guest options, it creates a potential for a schedule conflict with the previous guest check out or next guest check in. These conflict are only avoided if I remember that someone had an early check in or check out requested.

An alternative approach would be to wait until 2 weeks prior to check in to approve early check in or check out. If there was not a conflict with the previous or next guest, then the early check in and or late check out fee would be billed along with the security deposit.
Are either of these approaches feasible without too much additional programming?
dlxhivac, January 7, 2015:

Here is an idea for better integration of early check in and check out options: What if we could create an email template with an offer for early check in and/or check out to be sent a specified time prior to check in? Ideally for me I would combine that offer at the same time as my security deposit payment request, 2 weeks prior to check in. It would be important that they didn't get the option for early check in or check out if someone had booked adjacent to their stay, sort of like payment reminders don't get sent out if the payment has already been made. Is that possible?
dlxhivac, January 7, 2015:

Alternately, it would be better if you could create a block under the Fees & Charges section of the property set up page for owners to customize early check in and late check out options. (Similar to what you do for multiday discounts.) The owners specify the check in and check out options and their cost. The owner would specify the number of days prior to check in that the early check in offer is sent and number of days prior to check out that the late check out offer is sent. Having separate emails for early check in and late check out options would be useful for long rental periods where other reservations may come in during a long stay. If a renter choose one of these options, the availability calendar would reflect the changed check in/out time and send an email to property manager and cleaning crew.

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