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Release 2.4.5 was rolled out on October 22nd, 2010. Below are the features & enhancements included in this tenth Bookerville release:

1) Subtotal Line

A subtotal line now appears before any taxes due during the booking process.

2) Edit Booking Amounts

You can now edit booking amounts after the booking has taken place. Buttons appear in the Booking Details page which allow you to:

* Edit All Booking Amounts: Clicking this button will allow you to modify all the amounts, and save the results. This will also present a button to let you update the Guest Options - add, remove, or just alter the text and amounts for existing Guest Options for the booking.

* Override Total: This works just like it does on the booking calendar. Clicking this button allows you to modify the total amount, and Bookerville will automatically change the discounts and taxes to sum up to the new total you enter.

(After signing in to Bookerville, go to your My Properties page, click the Setup button next to a property, click the Reports tab. Click the Manage Bookings link, then click on any booking to get to the Booking Details page.)

3) Email Notifications

We've enhanced the navigation and design of the Email Notifications tab, to more distincly show that you can have multiple notifications that go out when a booking is made.

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