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Release 2.6 was rolled out on March 18th, 2011. Below are the features & enhancements included in this twelfth Bookerville release:

1) Account-Level Information

Account-level information stores email address & contact information for the property manager (for all your properties.) This is what is displayed at the top of booking calendars, email correspondence, etc. now instead of individual owner information for each property. Also, your secondary alert emails are specified here.

2) Booking Details Page

You can now edit contact (guest) info. in the Booking Details page. You can change the information for the guest that is assigned to the booking, or you can simply change the guest for the booking.

3) Reply-To Can Be Set To Your Email Address

In the Account information, there is a check-box to use your (property manager) email address as the "Reply-To" in email correspondence. If a guest receives email generated and sent by Bookerville, and they reply to that email, this will cause their response to go to you instead of us.

Email sent from Bookerville must have a From: address belonging to, or else the email will likely get flagged as spam and not delivered. This is why all Bookerville-generated email has a From: address of Sending email from a domain that is different from the domain of the From: email address is a very common trick used by spammers, so it's a good way to get yourself black-listed, to the point where you can't send email to anyone. (Ask us how we know... )

4) "Price-Out" Emails

You can choose to receive "price-out" emails. This is when someone clicks "Calculate My Stay". This allows you to see when people are pricing a stay, but maybe not committing to a booking. If contact information is entered, then it is relayed to you in the email, and you can follow-up with offers, etc.

Contact us if you'd like to enable this feature, as it's not yet available in the Account Settings area, but we can enable it for you.

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