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Release 4.3 was rolled out on Jan. 12, 2013. Below are the features & enhancements included in this Bookerville release:

1) Customize Required Guest Fields:

You can now control which fields are required for the guests to fill out when pricing out a stay. This is accomplished by adding an element called "requiredInitialContactFields' to your Advanced Settings in your Dashboard ==> Account Settings tab. Please ask for help with this!

2) Online Transaction Fees:

You can now optionally choose to collect online transaction fees whenever a customer elects to pay you online. These will be calculated and added at the time the customer chooses to pay online. Please check your local laws - believe it or not, some states do not permit this.

3) Criteria for Email Templates:

There are now eight new criteria check-boxes at the bottom of the Email Templates form. These will be evaluated whenever Automatic Scheduled Emails are sent. Filter on Contract Received (or not), Paid-In-Full (or not), Refundable Security Deposit Paid-In-Full (or not), Paid Up Through Payment Schedule (or not).

4) PNG Image Support:

When uploading photos/images, you can now upload PNG (.png) files.

5) Auto-Responder:

Bookerville can now be setup to automatically respond to inquiries sent from HomeAway and VRBO. Please see this page for more details: Inquiry Auto-Responder

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