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Release 4.5 was rolled out on Mar 15, 2013. Below are the features & enhancements included in this Bookerville release:

1) Users with Permissions Enhanced:

Users with permissions can now have permissions on all bookings, not just the ones they created.

2) Booking Requests Page:

The Booking Requests page is now paginated, allowing you to navigate through the (very long, for some of you...) list of Booking Requests. You can also select how many to show on each page.

3) Clone Property:

There is now a "Clone this Property" button at the top-right area of the Property Setup page. This will make an exact clone of the property you click this button from, including rates, min/max settings, etc. Learn more: Property Clone Feature

4) Occupancy Report:

A new report (Dashboard ==> Reports tab) shows your occupancy statistics, including individual properties and an aggregate at the bottom. You can run this for any period of time.

5) Copy Settings to Other Properties:

We've gone to great lengths to add new "Copy..." buttons at the upper-right areas of all the relevant tabs in the Property Setup page. These new tools will let you very easily and quickly copy key settings from the current property to any or all of the other properties in your account. Powerful! Learn more: Copy To Properties Feature

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