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Release 5.0 was rolled out on June 8, 2013. Below are the features & enhancements included in this Bookerville release:

1) Move Bookings:

At long last! You can now move a booking to another property in your account. See your Booking Details page.

2) Mandatory Guest Options:

We know: it's a humorous contradiction in terms. Guest Options can now be set to "Mandatory". This is basically a way of adding additional, custom charges to the booking invoice. Can be useful for taxable booking fees, parking passes, or anything else you want to add.

3) Export Reports:

All reports can now be exported as CSV files. It's your data: liberate it!

4) Custom Booking Fields:

You can now define custom fields (Property Setup ==> Email Templates, "Custom Booking Fields" button). You set default values in the Property Setup page, then these will appear for all (new) bookings at the bottom-left area on the Booking Details page. You can override them per booking, and also include them in email, contracts, etc. using tags of the form [X-<name of custom field>]. Ask for help using this advanced feature.

5) At-A-Glance: Recent Payments Made:

A new box called Recent Payments Made has been added to the Dashboard ==> At-A-Glance tab. Yep, you guessed it: it shows recent payments made.

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