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Hi John and Cindy I understand that some web templates might incorporate a guide and map automatically, but I wonder the best way to design this and if this can be included in the scope of your service at all?

Otherwise what software might best offer these to embed into a site thanks?

Cheers Ruth

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John Amato, October 14, 2013:

Hi Ruth. Let me try to understand better what it is you are looking for. Embedding a map is fairly easy to do, whether your website is based on a template or not. It can be as simple as an embedded Google map, for example. Do you want the map to always be there, or do you want it to appear only to guests after a booking has been confirmed?

Also - for the guide, what exactly is this? Is it a Word document, or PDF file? Or could it just be a web page on your site?

You can include maps and documents in your emails that Bookerville sends, and these can be links the guest clicks, or they can be embedded into the email itself, or they can be attachments.

Let us know if we can help with any of this...


Ruth, October 15, 2013:

Hi John thanks very much you have me thinking that Id best offer all of the above in that different visitors to the site can access the info whether booking that moment or not. And I like the idea of a downloadable pdf that can be either saved digitally in someones phone or printed out. You have me thinking about the various needs of different people. Thank you.

I would create a link on my site including places pinned on a map with extra guide material. And allow it to be downloadable as a pdf. But also a version for each new booking party. I understand now how to visualise it.

Cheers Ruth

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