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Release 3.0 was rolled out on June 10th, 2011. Below are the features & enhancements included in this thirteenth Bookerville release:

1) Manager Booking Page

We've implemented a much more comprehensive manager-centric booking process that gives you total control over all amounts and aspects of each booking.

2) Email Generation

We've extended the email template & email generation system. You can select from any of your email templates and Bookerville will generate the email from the booking data automatically. It now also shows you a preview, and you can edit the generated emails for quick customizations, and addressee overrides, before sending.

3) Custom Header Graphics

You can now use your own header graphic in the generated emails, and these can be made clickable to your own website. You can also specify your own header graphic to appear at the top of your availability & booking calendars.

4) Contract, Arrival Instructions, and Departure Instructions Templates

You can define a custom contract template for each property. This contract can include all the custom tags that you've been using in your email templates. The contract itself can be included in any of your emails, and Bookerville can pre-populate the guest information and booking details (amounts, number of adults/children, check-in/out dates, etc.)

In the same manner, you can define custom Arrival Instructions templates and Departure Instructions templates for each property, and these can also be placed anywhere in any of your emails. Very powerful!

5) Payment Schedules

You can define a default Payment Schedule at your account level. This is used by Bookerville to calculate a specific payment schedule with actual dates whenever a booking is created. You can override this generated payment schedule to customize it on a per-booking basis. The Payment Schedule is used by Bookerville to automatically calculate what is due next, and by which date, or to determine if something is past due. This can greatly simplify your follow-up correspondence!

6) Marketing Channels

Marketing Channels are entities like VRBO,, HomeAway, etc. You can define as many of these as you want at your Account level, and then choose from these when you make a booking. This helps you track & understand which marketing channels are working well and which ones are not.

7) Color-coded Booking Statuses

You can now choose from several convenient statuses for each of your bookings. These cause the bookings to show up in different colors on your Master Calendar so you can quickly & easily see what's going on.

8) Agents

You can now extend special permissions to other Bookerville users to permit them to act as Agents for your properties. Bookerville can automatically keep track of who enters each booking, so that you can keep track of which Agents are credited for which bookings. This can be a very powerful tool to help you manage commissions and credits with partners in the business. Also, you can serve as an Agent for others, if they are using Bookerville and they grant you permissions on their properties.

9) Owner Member Accounts

You can now create new Bookerville member accounts for the owners of your properties, and grant them permissions on their properties so that they can see certain reports, or even make bookings themselves. You have control over what they can and cannot do, and on which properties.

10) Dashboard

We've improved the overall navigation of the various pages, and made the Master Calendar the default page. We think you'll find this much more intuitive and convenient!

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