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Hi John,
Is there an option to include Wire/Bank Transfer and Cash as payment methods instead of the 4 standard options?
John T

13 Responses:

John Amato, May 8, 2015:

Hi John - there is a section where you can specify Bank/Wire Transfers, this is in the Property Setup ==> Email Templates tab, and I imagine you could add a blurb about paying in cash there, do you think that would work?
Niseko Boutiques, May 8, 2015:

Thanks John, I realise now I wasn't very clear. I should have specified in the payments received area drop down menu of a booking where the current options to record payments are credit card, PayPal, check or other.
From a report and somewhat accounting perspective, being able to separate/change 'other' into alternate payment methods would be great help.
Is the drop down menu able to be edited for Individual accounts or is it a general bookerville menu that will change for all customer accounts?

Thanks again., August 3, 2017:

Good morning. I have the same question. I would like to add Square Up. Is this something that I can do myself? Thank you., September 20, 2019:


I am back to bothering you again. Regarding the drop down menu in the payments received area. Is there the chance that we can edit these ourselves? I do not use all of the payment processors that are listed and would like to individualize it. I would like to have some that may apply only to me…
Service Fee Collected
Insurance Collected
Transaction Fee Collected

There are so many there already and I do not want to over-populate for other users.

Is it an option to make this editable by users like those that you have with the Marketing Channel dropdown?


John Amato, September 20, 2019:

Maybe yes. But before going down that route, could those fees you're describing be added to the booking amounts section, as Additional Items?, September 20, 2019:

I do add them to the booking amounts under "guest options" in cases where applicable. With the new VRBO payment processing, I am trying to break the payment down into collected (from guest) and deposited (into my account). Right now I am showing it broken down with the processor as Homeaway. It works but I am looking for a bit more detail. I just entered one under the last name Remlinger (044-10184700-20191101), if you would like to take a look. Sorry I am not better at explaining :-(, September 28, 2019:

Hi John,
Checking in as I never heard back on the lat reply.
John Amato, September 29, 2019:

What if there was an option to simply manually enter something in that field?, September 29, 2019:

That would be the best. Thanks for the response.
John Amato, September 30, 2019:

Ok. Just be aware that the only thing that will do is display it there on the Booking Details page: it isn't filterable on any reports, etc..., October 4, 2019:

Where are you at with the payment method update? Sorry to be a pain :-(
John Amato, October 4, 2019:

I believe it's been rolled out - look for the little "edit" icon next to the existing pick-list, it will convert the pick-list to an editable field. Write back if you need help..., October 4, 2019:

I found it. Thanks so much!

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